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How do I login to my Microsoft Account? - To change/add Phone
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Option one. There are two ways to access your Blackhawk Technical College Microsoft Account: the first way is using your “Webmail” account after logging into MyBTC.


Option two. The second way is a direct link using: and logging in with your BTC email and password.


To update, change, add or delete a verification method go to the “Security info” and click on “Update Info”

To continue you may receive an authentication request.

Shown is the process of changing your “Phone” number – click on “Change”

Enter your new phone number and select to receive a call or text me a code to verify the changes, then click "Next" to continue the verification process.

Adding a method - click on the link to “Add a sign-in method”

Shown is the process of adding an “Alternate phone” – from the “Add a method” dropdown menu select “Alternate phone”

From the “Add a method” and “Alternate phone” option, click on “Add” then enter the phone number and click “Next” to continue



Answer the call that comes in on your phone, Microsoft on behalf of Blackhawk Technical College will call this number to verify your phone.

Once completed your Security information will now include an “alternate phone” and you will have the options to “Change” or “Delete” it.

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