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What technology hardware is recommended?

BTC's technology hardware recommendations are available on the website here - [ Resources/ITS/2023-09-ComputerSpecs.pdf][1] You can purchase computers outright or with Financial Aid at the [Blackhawk bookstore][2]. Many resellers may offer a student discount using you…

How do I set up wireless on my laptop?

Check out the how do I set up wireless on my laptop video tutorial directly: Additional video tutorials can be found in the support playlists on [Blackhawk's YouTube Channel][1]. [1]:

How do I check out a laptop or hotspot?

Laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots are available to registered Blackhawk students at all BTC campuses. They can be checked out from the Library in the Student Success Center on Central Campus, much like one would check out any other material. They can be checked out for weekly or semester-long intervals, or after the semester…

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