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How do I see my Quarantined Messages and Take Action?

![][1]![][2] How do I see my Quarantined Messages and Take Action? Follow the guidance in this topic to learn how to find and release messages that were quarantined instead of being delivered to you. To see your spam-quarantined messages in quarantine, do the following: Go to your “Microsoft 365 Defender” portal f…

Where can I access cybersecurity information?

Check out these trusted resources for cybersecurity information: Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency: [][1] The attached PDFs provide information about how to avoid phishing, ransomware, identity theft, and more! [1]:

What is my password? How do I reset my password?

**Please note: Blackhawk Technical College will never ask for your password.** First time users will be automatically prompted to create a new password when attempting to log in with their temporary password (i.e. Blackhawk000123456). After that, you are required to change your password every 180 days. You will also …

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